Print & Imprint Newsletter – September 2016

Fall Is Already Here – Make Sure You Are Ready For What’s Next!

We hope you got all you need for your fall trade shows, but if not, we can still help with that!

This month, we’re detouring past fall’s pumpkin spice everything, and talking about holiday preparations! We aren’t going to start playing Christmas carols or put up a tree just yet, but we are in a festive spirit – now is the time to choose the perfect greeting cards and gifts for customers, employees, and business colleagues.

Holiday gifts and cards are delivered as early as the beginning of November, so now is the time to order this year’s goodies. We have everything you need, and we’ll put your name on anything!

Did you know?
Your gift giving does not have to be a daunting task or very expensive. Scroll down for Tips For Corporate Gift Giving
  • Order your holiday greeting cards with your personalized message, logo, and contact information to make a professional impression. 

    Having your employees hand sign these cards adds some fun and shows you care about the recipients. You can also order from us must haves like business cards, gift tags, and seals (for envelopes or packages) – all available in many different styles and sizes.

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  • Show your customers how much you appreciate their business by sending them a gift along with the greeting card.

     Promotional items are always popular at this time of year, and what better gift could there be than a basketful of a few different items that your recipients will find useful well after the holiday season! Calendars, pens, coffee mugs, reusable water bottles, computer accessories, keychains, mobile phone accessories (such as headphone storage or wallets), and items specifically for travelers are just a few of the options you could include. Branded candy and mints are great to sprinkle in these baskets too.

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  • Give the gift of clothing and turn your employees and customers into walking billboards. Apparel remains one of the most popular gifts a company can give.

    Hats and caps are a pretty safe bet when you don’t know the recipients’ sizes. Jackets, specifically fleece, are great for when the seasons change and right through until spring.

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We only work with the absolute best partners for your particular needs. Ordering from us means no gambling on quality, no worrying, and no hassles. Excellent customer service is the only kind we know, and Oscar won’t tolerate anything less.

Get in touch with us today to plan your holiday corporate gift giving, and this year you could actually get done with your shopping early!


Tips For Corporate Gift Giving

  • Whether is it greeting cards or actual gifts, make sure to send something to every customer
  • Thank them and let them know how much you appreciate their business
  • Make sure that what you give them has your organizations’ name, logo, website address and phone number on it
  • Give them something useful that lasts… chocolates and candies are nice, but once consumed, they are gone as so is the presence of your brand
  • If possible, choose a gift that would remind them of your brand and the service or product you provide them
  • Be creative and ask for the advice of your promotional items vendor – Thoughtful gifts leave a long-lasting impression
  • Be sensitive to religious beliefs by choosing something that won’t be offensive or make anyone uncomfortable
  • Add a personal touch by signing and personalizing cards when possible
  • Plan in advance by ordering cards and gifts well ahead of time and take advantage of lower prices
  • Send your cards and gifts on time


Need Help Getting Started?
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Need Help Getting Started?
Give us a call at 888-563-6767 or click on the paw below

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