Print & Imprint Newsletter – May 2016

Promote your Brand! Consistently.

You worked hard to create your brand! You invested money and an untold number of hours honing your brand and promoting it. You may have even had to defend your brand from being used by others.

brandWe are here to help you promote your brand by putting your logo, your name, and your identifying colors on just about anything:

  • We can print your sales and marketing materials, such as brochures and business cards, and even your order forms, invoices, etc.
  • For giveaways, we have thousands of beautiful and useful promotional items that can be printed with your brand and contact information splashed all over them
  • And don’t forget hats, shirts, and other apparel items – Wearing them will make your employees look and feel more professional, and they make great gifts too!

Another very important thing to remember when it comes to promoting your brand: Make sure your brand components (logo, slogan, etc.) are consistently the same, no matter where they are. We have the experience and expertise to make sure your logo appears identical on all your marketing materials.

Read more helpful tips regarding “Establishing and Promoting Your Brand” below.





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Establishing and Promoting Your Brand

Your organization’s brand consists of its name, logo, slogan, design scheme, symbols, and any other feature that identifies your offerings as distinct from others with similar offerings. The sum of the brand components is intended to represent the values, quality, ideas, and even the personality of your organization.

As a leader in your organization, you are trusted with protecting and promoting your brand. Here are several ways to do so:

  • Always use the same logo version
  • Insist on correct color and font reproduction everywhere your logo appears
  • Have your logo printed (or pasted) on every item you hand to your customers, including products, forms, sales sheets, catalogs, receipts, and other documents
  • Have a variety of branded and useful promotional items to hand out to prospects, customers, and even vendors
  • Keep ample supply of branded wearables such as shirts and hats, and encourage all employees to wear them at work and while out in public places
  • Make sure your organization’s office, vehicles, equipment, and other assets proudly feature your logo for all to see

Organizations invest years and tremendous amounts of money honing their brand identity. We know that the right colors, the right fonts, and the quality of marketing materials produced are paramount and should be consistent. We have everything you need to promote your brand from printing, to promotional items, to branded apparel.

At Print & Imprint, we’ve made the lives of clients and their marketing staffs much easier. We design, source, take care of production, warehouse, package, fulfill, and deliver anything you want to put your name on.

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