Print & Imprint Newsletter – March 2016

Spring is in the air!

Goodbye, winter… hello, spring! As we happily wave goodbye to the cold of winter, and watch as the sun starts to appear again, it’s time to start preparing for that fun outdoor weather! And though the cold weather may be fading, the importance of promotional items for your business never will.print-march-flower

Are you looking for some fun outdoor items that you can personalize with your company’s logo? This spring, Print and Imprint is pleased to be offering new and exciting options for promotional items for your business, and right now we are offering special spring promotional items such as beach kits, sunscreen, cooler sports towels water-proof phone pouches, and more.

AHS-dog-print-newsletterSpringtime = playtime. And who doesn’t look forward to spending some time in the great outdoors? Grilling… swimming… hiking… Whatever your favorite springtime activity may be, let us help you find the perfect promotional companion to go along with it! Don’t wait! Now is the perfect time to get an order of these items in for your customers!

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Give, and You Shall Receive… The 6 Rules for Promotional Gifts

The Law of Reciprocity dictates that when someone receives something, they generally feel the need to give something back. This is one of the main principals we lean on when discussing the importance that promotional items can provide for your business.

Promotional items do an incredible job of increasing your brand’s awareness, attracting new clients and, ultimately, facilitating your business’s growth.

Promotional items can be a great tool for your business if they’re done right. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing an item for your business.


    1. Make it feel like a gift! People love getting packages. It’s like receiving a present! Sending something that is the size of an envelope isn’t going to excite your clients. Sure, there are times for cards and small notes, but you want your promotional item to be larger than that. When they receive something that looks like a gift, it will help build anticipation and excitement for what they’re about to open.


    2. Make it something useful and fun! It seems to go without saying, but your promotional item should be something that the recipient can use. Think about making it something they may even have to put together. Rather than making the item something that can easily be tossed aside, give them something they have to touch and assemble. This will help ensure that the item is remembered long after its opening.


    3. Make it relevant! Does your item represent your business in some way? The most memorable promotional items will be able to be related back to your business in some way.

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    4. Make sure they know it’s yours! This one seems obvious, but never forget to include your logo! Whether it’s conscious or not, your logo will get noticed. No matter what the item is, make sure your logo is somewhere on it so that your recipient will always be reminded of you and your business.


    5. Make it last! Who doesn’t love to receive flowers and chocolates? We do! But, unfortunately, these types of gifts are perishable and, while they may make for a nice temporary gift, they will do nothing to serve as a reminder of your business. Remember, promotional items serve as a marketing tool for your business. If your recipient can EAT it – then it’s gone before you know it! Make it something that sticks around and lasts… A coffee mug with your logo on, that will hopefully get seen and used every day during morning coffee, will stick around long after those flowers will…


    6. Be different! Make it unique and make it yours! Ok – there might be a time and a place for a pen with your company name on it – and sure, who doesn’t love a coffee mug (and we can help you make some cool ones)?! But spend some time, and give it a little thought… Something that is more unique and says something about your business will stick in people’s minds far longer than a reusable tote bag will. Think hard. Be different.



Print and Imprint offers thousands of items that can be used to create the best possible promotional gift for your clients. Spend a little time and think about a promotional gift that might stand out…With a little thought and creativity, and our help – you can give a gift that will not only be remembered, but help to get your name out there and increase your business!


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