Print & Imprint Newsletter – July 2016

We hope you enjoyed your Independence Day festivities. Happy 240th Birthday, USA! July 4th seems to mark the halfway point of summer, and in our world, that means there is still half the super sunny season to promote your business in the unique ways summertime has to offer.

People are outside taking in the gorgeous weather at BBQs, beach trips, family vacations, music festivals, motorcycle shows, fairs, outdoor markets, and many other warmer weather traditions.

What do all these events have to do with marketing your company? They are all ideal for showing off your company logo and message to large, captive audiences.

Would you believe that over the summer, people spend an average of 1-2 hours outside just because the sun is out and the weather is warm? What if I told you that number jumps to 4-6 hours when they are out and about for a specific event? Just think of all the summer happenings with large attendance numbers, and you can see how summer is an opportune time to transform your customers into brand ambassadors. Everyone loves a gift – especially when they are unexpected, useful, and reinforce a buying decision they have made. Print & Imprint has thousands of options we can put your name on and your customers will love.

Check out some of Oscar’s favorite promotional item that are just perfect for summer:
Promotional item for tasios Orthodontics

  • Good for both humans and canines, bandanas are popular and most definitely versatile. While Oscar’s make a fashion statement, common summer uses for bipeds include wringing in ice cold water to cool off and creating a hair scarf.
  • Certainly in the top 5 most useful products of summer are sunglasses and hats. For each, we have many colors, styles, and price points to choose from.
  • Imagine receiving a gift box with premium items, such as a super deluxe folding chair, beach towel, and a Moscow Mule mug. That would put a smile on anyone’s face, especially the faces of your best customers! Moscow Mule mugs are quickly becoming one of the most popular promotional items in several industries.
  • A newer, often requested item, perfect for the hot summer months, is a cooling towel. Simply Wet, Wring, and Wear, and the PVA material allows cool air to stimulate cooling, while lowering your core temperature. The Poly Vinyl Acetal (PVA) material is hyper-evaporative, and the latest in cooling innovation – it retains water to provide cooling relief, yet stays dry to the touch.
  • ‘Stay hydrated’ and ‘protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays’ are two summer mantras we’ve all heard for years. Branded sunscreen and reusable water bottles fit the bill! The goodwill you generate this summer by helping your customers take good care of themselves will be remembered for a long time to come.
  • Our final suggestions are bona fide classics, and rank among our most popular items. Shirts and flip flops are fun promotional items available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Flip flops and summer go hand in hand. Embroidery on shirts (especially polos) looks very professional, yet is casual enough for a weekend BBQ. Think of all the options shirts afford when it comes to printing, including colors and placement. Front, back, shoulder, pocket, back of neck, middle of back, and sleeve area (just to name a few), give you plenty of combinations for showing off your logo, slogan, products or even seasonal messages. We can even help you with layout.

Get in touch with us today to order some of Oscar’s favorites or to learn about more summery promotional product ideas, and why summer is a great time to promote your brand!  


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The quality service I received is what we all hope for when entrusting our hard earned dollars to another.

It is refreshing to find a company such as Print and Imprint. Your high standards, attention to detail, and great pricing will make me look no further for all of our printing needs.

Bob Katz
Executive Director, Go Pro LLC


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