Print & Imprint Newsletter – April 2016

It’s that time of the year again… tax season!

When your tax refund comes, do you know how you plan to use it yet? In today’s disposable society, we seem to spend an excessive amount of money on purchases that are fleeting.

Well, let me make a suggestion – consider investing that refund back into your business, and having this year’s purchase pay off for years to come!

You may not have millions to spend on a 30 second television commercial, but you already know the importance of building your brand through exposure.

People need to identify with you, and integrating your brand into the daily lives of prospective clients through the use of promotional items can play a huge role in accomplishing this goal.

Do you have professionally printed brochures that correctly and effectively represent the services that your business provides? How about promoting your business by putting your logo on everyday items and apparel, such as t-shirts and hats?

Let us help you invest that tax refund in the best way possible… Your Business!




6 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Company Apparel

Lightweight. Heavyweight. Cotton. Synthetic blend. Moisture-wicking. Wool-lined. Screen printed. Embroidered. Short sleeves. Long sleeves. UV protection.

If you thought purchasing a fancy cup of java at your local coffeehouse seemed complicated, making the right choice for your company’s apparel and logo gear will have you seeing stars.

Thankfully, Print & Imprint is here to simplify the process and ensure you get the right fit for your company’s needs the first time, and all at the right price to fit your budget.

Print & Imprint’s President Susan Wallace says quite a number of decisions go into finding the right items for a company so shopping online without any guidance could yield unsatisfying results.
“People often ask ‘why not go with the cheapest T-shirt?’” when they’re looking at apparel, shares Susan.

Susan gets to the bottom of her clients’ needs by asking a number of questions while also keeping their brand guidelines and professional appearances in mind. She recommends giving Print & Imprint a call to determine the best items to meet your company’s needs.

Here are just a few of the areas Susan considers when she talks apparel and logo gear with her clients.

  1. Temperature. Susan will often ask questions about the weather in the area—but it’s not just small talk. From considering if the weather is hot and humid or cold and rainy to whether the individual wearing the shirt will mostly be indoors or outdoors, Susan finds out so she can choose the proper fabric.
    “I had a client who wanted T-shirts for their installers, but what they said they wanted was a heavy T-shirt,” recalls Susan. “I said I could find it for him, but that I had other choices that may be better. He ended up choosing a moisture-wicking fabric that didn’t stick to them. They were thrilled with the results.”
  2. Wear-and-tear. Believe it or not, screen printing your company’s logo isn’t always the best option, especially if you’re planning to expose it to the outdoor elements or wash it often. Many times, Susan recommends embroidering the company logo instead because it can handle a lot of wear-and-tear. A surprising factor? The cost may not be as much as you think.
    “I had a company in Alaska purchase jackets and say they would just screen print the back,” says Susan. “But, by the time you take the jacket and set up the screen print, there’s virtually no cost difference” to embroidering instead.
  3. Keeping up appearances. If you have a professional sales force or even a chef who needs apparel or other gear to promote the company, finding the right collared polo shirt or the correct, crisp apron can be difficult, especially when you can’t see it and touch it in person. Relying on the experienced team at Print & Imprint will help you choose the best quality at a solid price—without the hassle of having your order ship to you only to discover it’s not what you really wanted. The guesswork is gone!
  4. Proven sourcing. You’re rolling the dice if you simply let a search engine find the “best affordable custom apparel.” By sticking with a trusted company with proven relationships, you can rest assured that the quality will match the promise because they’ve done all of the homework on the vendors they utilize for each print job. “We use fantastic vendors and have great confidence in them,” adds Susan.
  5. Quantity counts How often will your team be wearing the shirts or gear you’re purchasing for them? Consider if it’s a shirt they’ll be wearing daily outside in the sun or something they’ll be wearing inside. Susan and her team listen and learn more about how and where the apparel or logo gear will be worn and make recommendations for appropriate quantities based on the answers. For instance, “installers go through (shirts) so fast,” explains Susan. “We’ll recommend 10 per guy.” Sometimes, Susan can also recommend a specific number to ensure there’s a price break for specific quantities.
  6. True colors. What you see on a computer screen may not be as perfect of a match as you think for your company’s brand standards. So, if you want to avoid receiving an order that’s a bright red when you thought it would be a burgundy, lean on Print & Imprint to give you an idea of an item’s “true” color.

From bags to shirts to hats and pants, your company’s name could be on just about anything. Make sure you enlist a professional to help walk you through the process so you’re thrilled with the end result—your company looking (and feeling!) sharper than ever before.


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