Print & Imprint Newsletter – July 2016

We hope you enjoyed your Independence Day festivities. Happy 240th Birthday, USA! July 4th seems to mark the halfway point of summer, and in our world, that means there is still half the super sunny season to promote your business in the unique ways summertime has to offer.

Print & Imprint Newsletter – June 2016

Summer is upon us, and it is most definitely an opportune time to promote your business… no matter what you might have heard.

Just consider all the outdoor activities the warm weather brings! Vacations, cookouts, day trips to the beach, hikes, bike rides, baseball games, outdoor concerts, county fairs, festivals for just about any interest you can think of, farmer’s markets, NFL pre-season action, maybe you’re even lucky enough to go to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, or you join the crowds at some other summertime traditions.

Print & Imprint Newsletter – May 2016

Promote your Brand! Consistently.

You worked hard to create your brand! You invested money and an untold number of hours honing your brand and promoting it. You may have even had to defend your brand from being used by others. (more…)

Print & Imprint Newsletter – April 2016

It’s that time of the year again… tax season!

When your tax refund comes, do you know how you plan to use it yet? In today’s disposable society, we seem to spend an excessive amount of money on purchases that are fleeting. (more…)

Print & Imprint Newsletter – March 2016

Spring is in the air!

Goodbye, winter… hello, spring! As we happily wave goodbye to the cold of winter, and watch as the sun starts to appear again, it’s time to start preparing for that fun outdoor weather! (more…)

Print & Imprint Newsletter – February 2016

Oscar Works Hard to Save You Money!

One year ago Oscar adopted us from the Arizona Humane Society’s “Petique” shop in North Phoenix. Since then we’ve noticed two things, he has a remarkable ability to spot special deals and an ever increasing collection of squeak toys. I wonder sometimes if the two are connected. (more…)

Happy New Year and a Happy New Website!

Last year was a great year for us, and we have you to thank for it. This new year will be even better, as we are introducing a few new things. In last month’s newsletter, I mentioned that we changed the company name to Print & Imprint Graphic Management, and redesigned our logo. Today, I am excited to announce our new website, and the features that will help you get more from us! (more…)