Custom apparel plays a number of important roles in business today. We’ll break it down into two basic categories: Uniforms & Work Apparel (custom and standard) and Corporate Promotional apparel.

Uniform & Work Apparel

The use of corporate apparel displays the employee’s participation in a defined business structure and the adherence to a certain set of standards of excellence set forth by a company. The uniform can indicate professionalism, solidarity, status, or it can contribute to the consumer overall impression of your business in a variety of ways. The right uniform promotes your brand image whereas an inconsistent uniform may tarnish your company’s brand image.

In order to ensure your uniforms communicate the right message, it’s imperative that their design is consistent with your brand and your experience. Not only will our design team work with you to create a wardrobe that says exactly what you want it to, but using a single-source provider like Graphic Management means guaranteed standards of quality and delivery.

Corporate Promotional

Promotional items include logo apparel, personalized and promotional clothing is primarily used in marketing programs for widespread exposure. After all, there’s a reason companies spend millions on television commercials. People need to identify with your brand, and only exposure can accomplish that goal.

The use of logo clothing can have various advantages over other advertising mediums. When a potential client chooses one of your promotional caps from his/her closet, odds they are not consciously choosing your brand at the moment, but they will. By integrating your brand into the daily lives of prospective clients, you allow them to build psychological pathways through which they’ll associate your brand with a variety of everyday experiences.

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